Thank you for visiting the Marshall Middle School Choir website!

          Just to give you a brief introduction, Marshall Middle School has four choirs; a 6th grade Beginning choir, 6th and 7th grade Intermediate choir, 7th and 8th grade Advanced choir, and 7th and 8th grade Chamber Choir. Chamber choir is an a capella only group comprised of only twelve students. All other groups have fifty students or more in each class. The choir has 170 students total and is growing!

Carnigie Hall

          This year the advanced and chamber choirs will be performing in Carnegie Hall on March 4th. This was by invite only due to their high rank at a festival in San Francisco last spring. Sixty students will be leaving for the great city of New York on February 29th for a performance of a lifetime! This experience is costing approximately $1,600 per student. Because of this huge expenditure, the students need YOUR help to get them there. There are currently ten students of the sixty who need financial aid to ensure they are able to go. The department has helped as much as it can through fundraising and even singing grams, but we are still struggling to cover the cost to send these ten very talented students.

          In addition, the intermediate and beginning choirs will be going to Irvine for a local competition in May. This trip is approximately $12,000 to send all of the students. Your contribution, therefore, will help all 170 students so THANK YOU for your help and your assistance in keeping music alive in our schools and the hearts of the next generation. Chamber choir is currently accepting invitations to perform at venues for various events. If you would like to schedule a performance, please click on the appropriate link. This choir is in high demand so please book early!

          Thank you again for your support. The kids and I appreciate it so much!

               Katherine Girvin
               Choral Director
               Thurgood Marshall Middle School